Eco Pod All Terrain Speaker Case

Keeping those portable devices well protected, especially from water is something that users have to consider. An Android smartphone, iPhone or an MP3 player would be at risk of getting wet when going to the beach or the pool while on vacation. In order to provide some level of protection for such devices, the Eco Pod All Terrain Speaker Case from Grace Digital may be just the thing to bring along.

foxLv2 Portable Speaker

Looking for a portable speaker and expecting big sound may not always be possible for many people. For the most part, what they may get is a speaker that can only provide so-so sound output. It is a good thing that this is not always true, especially with the likes of the new foxLv2 Portable Speaker.

Kumpulan Foto Artis Seksi Agnes Monica

Disini di sesiakan beberapa foto artis seksi indonesia salah satunya adalah foto seksi agnes monica. Agnes Monca yang terkenal dengan lagu-lagunya yang sangat enerjik.
Agnes sendiri mengaku bahwa dirinya adalah artis yang memiliki suara yang indah dan memiliki lekuk tubuh yang seksi. Memiliki tubuh seksi kecantikan dan suara yang indah adalah modal utama bagi seorang penyayi.

This Remote Control Twists and Bends to Switch Channels

Japanese tech company Murata has worked with Kansai University and Mitsui Chemicals to develop a button-free remote control that only requires users to bend and twist the device in various ways to control TVs and other electric appliances.

New Nook E-Book Readers Leaked

The Digital Reader has leaked the identities of two new Nook Color models: The Nook Encore and Nook Acclaim. These new versions are apart from the Nook Smart Touch, which is a new version of the 6-inch Nook Touch. Meanwhile, the Encore is an upgraded version of the 7-inch Nook Color.